This modifier will help you add text, banner or HTML code at the bottom of the category pages, which will differ from the description of the default categories.

  • The modifier adds an additional text field in the Admin Panel when adding a new category or editing an existing one;
  • Has a visual HTML editor, so you can use HTML tags for SEO;
  • An additional description will be displayed at the bottom of the product list;
  • Multi-lingual;
  • Through the module you can manage: the names of buttons, icons in the button, the rate of «Show / Hide» the description and the installation / removal of necessary additional fields in the Database;
  • Has the function of hiding description and additional description from 2+ category pages
  • For standard description and for additional description it is possible to hide a long description with the appearance of the «Expand / Collapse» button
  • Settings for the standard description and additional description for each category item.

Compatibility of versions of OpenCart



Compatible templates

Journal 2
Journal 3


Installation of the modifier consists of two parts.

  1. «» - It contains the main functionality for the Admin Panel, localization and scripts.
  2. «» - Modifier for the default template.
  3. «» - Modifier for the Journal2 template.
  4. «» - Modifier for the Journal3 template.

The list will gradually be replenished for popular templates.

Step 1

  1. In the admin panel, go to «Extensions > Extension Installer» and install the file «»;
  2. After the message of the successful installation in the «Extensions > Modifications» and click on the blue «Refresh» button (top right corner) See example;
  3. In the module list «Extensions -> Modules» install the module «Additional Description Categories».

    When you first install the module, additional fields are automatically installed in the database tables. Just in case, make a backup of the database

  4. Configure the module;
  5. Go to «Catalog -> Categories» and insert the text and customize the display in the desired category.

Step 2

Select the desired modifier for your template:

  1. In the admin panel, go to «Extensions > Install extensions» and install the file «»
  2. We receive a message about the successful installation and go to «Extensions > Modifications» and click on the «Refresh» button in the top right corner See the example;
  3. There were problems/errors, we check the error log.


Module Settings

For category descriptions, there are default settings to configure them:«Modules > Additional Categories Description».
In the General tab:

  1. You can assign text for the state when the «Expanded» block and when the «Collapsed» block
  2. You can assign icons
  3. Animation speed when deploying and collapsing a block
  4. The status is responsible for enabling settings

In the «Database Status» tab - you can check whether the required fields are set in the table or not. You can also delete or install them.

Setting a Category

For each category description, there are some settings to customize them: «Catalog > Categories > Your created category» inside go to the «Design» tab, there you will find the settings:

  • Expand / Collapse text separator - Enable / disable separator
  • The height of the visible part of the text - The height of the block of the visible description. The value is in pixels;
  • Hide description from 2+ pages - Shows description only on the first page of the category
  • Show Description Button - For phones and tablets, the additional description is hidden completely and only the «Show Description» button is displayed


If the standard design does not fit into your website design, you can modify the CSS styles in the «readmore.css», file that is located:

catalog \ view \ javascript \ jquery \ readmore \ readmore.css


The modifier has full support for several languages. English and Russian are installed by default.
Below you will find instructions on how to add and translate a modifier into your language.


  • Copy the file «ad_category.php» from the folder:

    admin \ language \ en-gb \ catalog \ ad_category.php

  • Paste into the folder and then transfer the contents of the file:

    admin \ language \ YOUR_LANGUAGE \ catalog \ ad_category.php

Store Front:

  • Copy the file «ad_category.php» from the folder:

    catalog \ language \ en-gb \ product \ ad_category.php

  • Paste into the folder and then transfer the contents of the file:

    catalog \ language \ YOUR_LANGUAGE \ product \ ad_category.php

  • v1.127.12.2018
    • Template support Journal2 and Journal3
  • v1.013.11.2017
    • The initial version.

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