Html Pro allows the user to create a grid with an unlimited number of text blocks. The module is not tied to a specific CSS framework, thus making it possible to use any CSS framework, CSS grid or apply its CSS styles for design, just by assigning the desired CLASS and / or ID to the block.

  • Display text blocks on the site;
  • Creating an unlimited number of blocks
  • Using icon fonts;
  • Not tied to the CSS framework (Bootstrap 3);
  • Multi-language;
  • Assign: image and / or icon;
  • Assign class and / or id.

Compatibility of versions of OpenCart




  1. From the «upload» folder, copy the «admin» and «catalog» folders
  2. In the admin panel, go to «System > User Groups» and set the access rights for the administrator (in the «Allow browsing» and «Allow to edit» tick the extension/module/html_pro);
  3. In the module list «Extensions -> Modules» install the HTML Pro module;
  4. In «Design -> Layout» select the store page and position the module in the desired position.


  • Module Name - name that will be displayed in the admin panel.
  • Status - turn on / off the module.

General settings

  • Title - text above the blocks
  • Class / ID Parent DIV - a parent block that includes all blocks.
  • Class / ID container item - a container that will include columns


  • Image - is an image assignment
  • Class icon - Icon classes can be viewed on the FontAwesome website
  • Status - show or hide an image or icon
  • Title - block header
  • Link - link in the header
  • Description - block text
  • Sort - assign order of blocks

Setting Item Class / ID

  • Class / ID Parent item - to stylize the columns
  • Class / ID Child block - additional embedded DIV
  • Class / ID Block for image or icon
  • Class / ID Parent block for title and description
  • Class / ID Block title
  • Class / ID Block description


The module goes without styling blocks.

To create blocks, you need to take ready-made CSS styles or write your own CSS styles and place in the «stylesheet.css» file, which is:

catalog \ view \ theme \ YOUR THEME \ stylesheet \ stylesheet.css

Then in the module settings, in the required fields, assign Class or Id.


The modifier has full support for several languages. English and Russian are installed by default.
Below you will find instructions on how to add and translate a modifier into your language.

Depending on the version of OpenCart, the folder may be called «english» or «en-gb»


  • Copy the file «html_pro.php» from the folder:

    admin \ language \ english \ module \ html_pro.php

  • Paste into the folder and then transfer the contents of the file:

    admin \ language \ YOUR_LANGUAGE \ module \ html_pro.php

  • v1.031.10.2017
    • The initial version.

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