Modules and Extensions for CMS OpenCart

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Module 1. HTML Pro

Version 1 Opencart 2.x | Opencart 3.x

Html Pro allows the user to create a grid with an unlimited number of text blocks. The module is not bound to a specific CSS framework, thus making it possible to use any CSS framework, CSS grid, or apply its CSS styles for design, just by assigning the desired CLASS and / or ID to the block.

Information Blocks

Module 2. Information Blocks

Version 1Opencart 2.x | Opencart 3.x

The module allows you to display information pages (About Us, Delivery Information, Security Policy, Terms of Agreement, etc.) as blocks with a brief description.

Additional Description Category

Module 3. Add. Description Category

Version 1Opencart 3.x

This modifier will help you add text, banner or HTML code at the bottom of the category pages, which will differ from the description of the default categories.

Reply To Reviews

Module 4. Reply To Reviews

Version 3Opencart 2.x | Opencart 3.x

The modifier adds a field for the store administrator's response to customer comments; Ability to change the date of adding a review; Ability to change the name of the administrator, if the field is not filled in, the name "User Group" is substituted.

HTML-Content + JS Readmore

Module 5. HTML-Content + JS Readmore

Version 1Opencart 2.x | Opencart 3.x

Module allows you to display arbitrary HTML-code on the pages of the site with the ability to hide/expand text.